South West France

le tournoi HOBERENAK 2023

Region: Aquitaine Departement: (64) Pyrenees Atlantiques Locality: Pays Basque

Arcangues, made world-famous by the singer LUIS MARIANO, is a beautiful village which has all the charm of a scene from one of Mariano's operettes.

Wander through the village centre and you will be sure to fall under the spell !

the view from the village

The town hall and the school with their shutters painted blue, (Arcangues Blue, heritage of the former Marquis d' Arcangues) , the 'fronton' and the restaurant Auberge d'Achtal where you can eat in the shade of the trees, the massive stone tables and the church with the graveyard overlooking one of the finest views in the Pays Basque. From here you will also have a view of the golf course which winds round the village and passes in front of the chateau d'Arcangues which is still inhabited by the family d'Arcangues.
Just below the village square is the 'theatre de la nature' and of course the Trinquet d'Arcangues where you can watch some memorable games of pelote basque or dine on the terrace overlooking the golf course.

If you come to the fete d'Arcangues, in June, you will discover that the art of living in the Pays Basque is certainly not a legend. AGUR !

tarcangues town hall the fronton the theatre de la nature in arcangues view of the golf and pyrenees
the restaurant auberge achtal the arcangues town hall the view from arcangues