Arcangues Architecture

South West France

Region: Aquitaine
Departement: (64) Pyrenees Atlantiques
Locality: Pays Basque


Visite architecturale - le Théatre de la Nature à Arcangues

The Théatre de la Nature, just below the Town Hall and the village square, was created in 1967 by Pierre d'Arcangues.
It was he who searched for the traditional building materials, old oak beams and stone from the Basque country, for its construction.  The Theatre was built by the architect Cazamayou from Bayonne.

Arcangues architecure - the fresque by Ramiro Arrue in Arcangues

The vast area below the traditional wood roof structure has a stage  opposite the tiered benches below a panoramic fresque of the countryside by the basque painter Ramiro Arrue (1892 - 1971).

Architecture in Arcangues - the Fountain

The Dolphin Fountain on the west side of the Théatre de la Nature.