in South West France

The Chateau d'Arcangues, a wonderful place surrounded by the golf-course

Chateau d'Arcangues rebuilt in 1900

The château d'Arcangues was rebuilt to the original plans in 1900, on the ruins of the former château. The former château was itself rebuilt following the destruction by the spaniards in 1636 during the Thirty Years War.

The golf d'Arcangues winds around the chateau d'Arcangues

In 1813, the Duke of Wellington made the Chateau d'Arcangues his headquarters, during the battles of the Nive.

In 1940 the german army used the chateau as headquarters for local troops.

Today, the chateau d'Arcangues, has a more peaceful role. Still the home of the Marquis d'Arcangues, the golf course opened in 1991 winds around the chateau.